About Us

We are UBC's shared platform for researchers working with plants in greenhouses or outdoors. 

We offer coordinated access and services to two research greenhouses and two field locations: the Main Campus research greenhouse, Totem Field, the South Campus research greenhouse and adjacent fields.

As a full-service facility for greenhouse and field scientific experiments, we provide:

  • expert advice for experimental design, plant cultivation, integrated pest management, nutrition and hydroponics;
  • academic and industry projects;
  • training and guidance.

Plant Care Services (PCS) is a shared platform funded in part by Faculty of Science, Faculty of Forestry, Faculty of Land and Food Systems and the Office of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation.

Advisory Team

The PCS Steering Committee members provide advice to VPRI and to staff, ensure good governance and explore future needs of the platform.

  • Amy Angert, Assoc. Prof., Scientific Advisor
  • Melina Biron, Research Platform Manager, Plant Care Services
  • Helen Burt, Associate VP Research & Innovation Office
  • Clare Cullen, Operations Manager, UBC Farm
  • Marie-Claude Fortin, Shared Research Facilities Manager, VP Research & Innovation Office
  • Shawn Mansfield, Professor, Representative, Faculty of Forestry
  • David McArthur, Instructor, Representative, Faculty of Land and Food Systems
  • Loren Rieseberg, Professor, Representative, Faculty of Science

Research Services Team

The PCS staff team aims to provide excellent support for all your research and teaching needs. 

  • Melina Biron, Research Platform Manager
    604 822 3283
  • Taylor Scriber, Greenhouse Research Assitant/Technician
  • Peter Kolynyak, Greenhouse Research Assistant/Technician
  • Daniel Vechter, Field and Greenhouse Research Assistant/Technician

Biological control agents 
Charlie, the head of rodent control, and his subordinate Lola, perform the needed roles to keep the facility clean and provide needed cuddle therapy for those in need.

cat in greenhouse

plant care cat