About Us

We are UBC's shared platform for researchers working with plants in greenhouses or outdoors. 

We offer coordinated access and services to two research greenhouses and two field locations: the Main Campus research greenhouse, Totem Field, the South Campus research greenhouse and adjacent fields.

As a full-service facility for greenhouse and field scientific experiments, we provide:

  • expert advice for experimental design, plant cultivation, integrated pest management, nutrition and hydroponics;
  • academic and industry projects;
  • training and guidance.

Plant Care Services (PCS) is a shared platform funded in part by Faculty of Science, Faculty of Forestry, Faculty of Land and Food Systems and the Office of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation.

Advisory Team

The PCS Steering Committee members provide advice to VPRI and to staff, ensure good governance and explore future needs of the platform.

  • Amy Angert, Assoc. Prof., Scientific Advisor
  • Melina Biron, Research Manager, Plant Care Services
  • Helen Burt, Associate VP Research & Innovation Office
  • Clare Cullen, Operations Manager, UBC Farm
  • Marie-Claude Fortin, Shared Research Facilities Manager, VP Research & Innovation Office
  • Shawn Mansfield, Professor, Representative, Faculty of Forestry
  • David McArthur, Instructor, Representative, Faculty of Land and Food Systems
  • Loren Rieseberg, Professor, Representative, Faculty of Science

Research Services Team

The PCS staff team aims to provide excellent support for all your research and teaching needs. 

  • Melina Biron, Research Manager
  • Glen Healy, Field Technician
    604 822-2528
  • Taylor Scriber, Greenhouse Technician
    604 822 3283
  • ​Piers Seppala, Greenhouse Technician
  • Alex Fulkerson, Greenhouse Technician