Plant Care Services launched

The Faculties of Science, Forestry and Land and Food Systems, and the Office of the Vice-President Research and Innovation are pleased to announce the merging of the Botany research greenhouse on South Campus, Horticulture greenhouse and Totem Field Station into a new shared research facility called ‘Plant Care Services’ starting April 1, 2019.

Governance of Plant Care Services is through a steering committee working with a Scientific Advisor and the VPRI Office. The steering committee will oversee the budget and address all questions related to policies.

Melina Biron, Greenhouse Research Manager, will provide coordinated access to space and services at both greenhouses and the Totem Field and South Campus locations. Space and service fees will be equitable between all UBC researchers.

This collaborative enterprise was made possible through the cooperation of: Land and Food Systems’ Rickey Yada, Dave Kitts, Barb Hsiao, Ava Yang, Shiho Mehrhoff; Dept. of Botany’s Sean Graham, Loren Rieseberg, Sarah Ruddick, Jessica Trat, Aubrey Doherty, Faculty of Science’s Mark MacLachlan, IPO’s Lynn Chia and Eston Shum, Faculty of Forestry’s Sally Aitken, John Innes and Shawn Mansfield, and the VPRI Office.  Thanks also to Meylin Zink Yi and Steve Ahluwalia.

Thank you Pam Ratner from the Provost Office for making much-needed lighting and heating upgrades to the two greenhouses possible! 

April 1, 2019